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The Sensual Arts Photo Galleries
100's of photographic images as artistic inspiration

Classic Pin-Up Photography

Classic Portrait Photography

For You

These pages are dedicated to classic female photography as a source of artistic inspiration. They in no way assume to show 'The Best of ...' They are purely examples, taken from my own reference library, of works that I feel are worthy of so much more than the 'momentary fame' allowed them at their time of publication.

It's an odd fact. Few photographs are found adorning the chimney breast, the bed head or the bathroom wall, but many, if transposed to artworks would or could - or do. I believe artists have a duty to rescue these spectacular images, and breathe new life into them - perhaps then allowing them the light of day for all time.

Perfume ad's, Mail Order Catalogue Photos, and yes, even 'Pets of the Month' CAN, and so often should, become less about a fleeting 'image of the moment' and more about the lasting artworks of tomorrow.



Classic Glamour Photography

Classic Nude Photography


Some galleries depict tasteful nudity

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