Welcome to Sensual-Arts.com

www.sensual-arts.com - a website dedicated to the art of female beauty.


Beyond my own art there are pages dedicated to many of the artists I most admire.
Artists as varied as the classic Sir William Russell Flint and J W Waterhouse, the elusive Sara Moon,
the fantasy women of Boris Vallejo, the lingerie and bikini-clad sensations of Alberto Vargas and so much more

You'll find galleries dedicated to inspirational photography - images that beg to be artworks.

There are pages dedicated to my (illustrated) thoughts on the sensual world of art, including my art tutorial
offering some thoughts on how you may begin to capure a little of the magic for yourself.

There are also opportunities for you to comment and contribute if you wish.


I hope you enjoy your visit.


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"Welcome to Sensual-Arts.com. Few things in life are capable of stiring human emotion with such remarkable diversity, as is the female form. In my life, I have come to recognindition as a three-cornered paradox, with Beauty, Glamour and P8rn8gr8phy at each of its extremes. Within those elusive boundaries each of us has our own 'sensual zone' ... This website is dedicated to mine." John D. Moulton.